Sunday, 1 March 2015

One Skirt, Two Trends

It was sunny today, cold, but sunny; I guess that means we are entering spring. One thing about spring this year which I am loving, is the new trends. I think for the first time in a while, I am actually fond of all the new season trends. The 2015 Spring trends are pinstripes, utility and the seventies. In this post, I have styled my ASOS skirt for both the utility trend and the seventies. 

Seventies Style 

At first I was spectacle about the seventies style returning, however with a modern twist I think it is a flattering look. For example flared jeans elongate your legs, and chunky heels add hight! One of the main things about the seventies was pattern, lots of pattern. My jacket is from my favourite vintage shop, Little Viking in St Albans, and I would guess that it is originally from the seventies because of the pattern. Teaming it with my chunky boots and Aline skirt completes the seventies style. If you want to try the seventies trend, ASOS has a great Aline suede skirt and suede was all the rage in the seventies.
ASOS Skirt 

Utility Look

Utility/Military trend is classy, structured and minimalistic. I brought my green military jacket from a charity shop years ago, when it first came into style. I am happy to announce that these jackets, which remind me of year nine, are back! This jacket is great quality and I remember it being around ten pounds, so if you are interested in trying out the Utility trend I would recommend looking around market stalls or charity shops for a cheap one! My ASOS skirt adds to the utility trend because of the pockets and structured shape. Have a look at ASOS’s website for more information on how to pull off a military jacket: ASOS Military Jackets

Thanks for reading guys, let me know which trend you prefer?  
B x