Thursday, 4 December 2014

#CosmopolitanChic-The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

One of my most memorable holidays was when I and my family spent two weeks in America; travelling from California, through San Diego and finishing in Las Vegas. It was a holiday which I will always remember because it was an unforgettable experience seeing the Grand Canyon, walking along Venice beach and most of all seeing the staggering and sophisticated Las Vegas.  When I turn 21 in three years’ time (that scares me) my dream present would be to have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas again.

If I was ever luck enough to visit again, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas would be a fabulous place to stay.  It is a cutting-edge, modern and stylish resort with an elegant atmosphere, wish I guarantee will make anyone feel a million dollars.  Apart from lounging around, attempting to get a tan, at the three tranquil swimming pools, I would plan to visit everything The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has to offer.

After having spent a couple of hours by the pool, I would probably begin to feel peckish and The Henry sounds like the perfect place for brunch. The Henry is a new cuisine which is a reinterpretation of well-known, tasty dishes and drinks.  I would start my brunch of with a healthy fresh start that would give me energy for the rest of my day. The Morning Boost Berry Smoothe sounds brilliant; it contains mixed seasonal berries, vanilla bean yogurt and honey (just writing this is making my taste buds tinkle).  After having been healthy I would probably then convince myself that it would be okay for me to order a Croissant sandwich; this in tails, scrambled egg, Canadian bacon and bacon cheddar cheese.  While stuffing my face with delectable foods, I will be trying to dine in style. I have put together rang of items from the high street shop, River Island to create a simplistic but effective and graceful look. The skirt and top are perfect to wear after a morning by the pool. The simple pumps also make the outfit more suitable for the day, yet the little silver studs add a touch of rock n roll. While this look is only for an afternoon meal, I feel that it is acceptable to be extremely extravagant because I would be dining in Vegas.

After a wonderful shopping experience at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, I will unwind at the spa which is inspired by the desert’s peacefulness. Once fully pampered I will make my way to STK for my evening meal. STK is a steakhouse from Chef Stephen Hopcraft which has a ‘flirty, feminine take on the classic American Steakhouse’. I think that it is important to try foods from the countries you visit when on holiday. Even though America and England have many similarities in food, there are still obvious differences. STK sounds like the perfect place for an evening meal, before an exciting night out clubbing. Within the restaurant there is a lively bar scene and an electrifying mood created by the in-house DJ. STK is also a celebrity hotspot, so maybe if I am lucky; I would bump into Kim K?

Dressing for an evening meal is always hard, because personally I want to look good but I also want to eat until I feel as if I am going to explode. My result to this dilemma is to wear a stunning shift dress. I find that a shift dress is one of the most flattering shapes, especially for a meal as it hides the stuffed food belly. I have chosen this eye-catching dress from H&M; the shape of the dress looks causal but with the embellishment and striking ear rings, it makes the outfit ready for an evening of glamour.  

I am not really a casino player, perhaps because I have no clue what’s going on. So after my meal, I would enjoy watching one of Las Vegas’ many entertaining shows. I would then probably spend hours getting ready for a memorable night in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ night club, The Marquee. The Marquee sounds amazing! It has a rooftop patio which overlooks the bright lights of Las Vegas and the best DJ’s from around the globe. The Marquee plays great house music but also offers the ‘Boom Box’ which is a smaller area and ‘The Library’ which is a discreet VIP hideaway (where I am sure Kim K would be enjoying herself).

I find it hard to decide what to wear out clubbing, because when it gets cold a jacket is usually needed but not necessarily indoors. This is one of the reasons I have chosen a suit from Topshop as my outfit for my night at The Marquee. I also feel that a smart suit is a striking and interesting statement, which is bound to make anyone stand out on the dance floor. To make the outfit more feminine I have teamed the suit with a cute fluffy clutch and silver shoes.

Creating this blog post has made me egger to get back to Las Vegas and experience the nightlife. Unfortunately this blog post has also made me want to spend more money on these fabulous outfits! Hope you enjoyed reading this and that you now also really want to take a trip to Vegas. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dogtooth Smile

I am begging to feel joyful and excited about Christmas. I suppose this is acceptable as it’s now the 3rd of December? I don’t usually feel enthusiastic this early on, but I think this may have something to do with spending the evening in London. I took a train up to London to see a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and beforehand I had the best pizza ever at Pizza Express. Along the Thames there was a small Christmas fair and the Christmas lights were hung all over the buildings. I guess that all of this has made my bah humbug approach to Christmas disappear early.

I wore into London my fabulous Primark coat and dressed it up with my faux fur scarf from River Island. As there is already a lot of pattern in this look, I decided to wear simple black trousers and a top. I choose my Doc Martin shoes because for half of the Theatre performance I was standing (yes, my feet ached!) Then I brought the look together with my simple and useful brown bag.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post and…Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Little Viking

For all you lovelies in the St Albans area, if you haven’t already visited the cute vintage shop named Little Viking then I advise you take a trip down to their small shop and courtyard. I love vintage shopping and rummaging for great bargains. Yet, sometimes I find that I can become overwhelmed by large vintage shops where the clothes are not organised or clearly displayed; this makes it hard to find the perfect item. Little Viking is amazing because it’s not too big therefore I feel that you are more likely to find the item for you. They always make sure their clothes are great quality and that they are selling the best vintage clothes out there. Not only is the shop amazing, but so are the people. There is a great vibe about the shop and the owners really care and adore vintage because of this I always have a brilliant shopping experience.

In this post I am featuring my jacket from Little Viking. Ever since I brought it, I can honestly say that I don’t think I have taken it off. It goes with everything and I know that I am even going to wear it in summer to festivals. The jacket can be dressed up for an evening out or made super comfy and casual. In this post I have teamed it with my knee high River Island boots and my vintage leopard print blouse, with my Topshop jumper thrown on top. This creates an effortless but stylish feel because of the contrast of prints and material. To finish off the look I have added my Primark hat; as a hat is always a full stop to any outfit.

Here is a link to the Little Viking Facebook, which also has directions. Take a trip down there and have a look!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Simplistic Style

Recently, I feel as if my style has become more laid back and simplistic. In this outfit of the day, I have chosen a cosy jumper and I am wearing my lace dress from Topshop, as a skirt. This outfit is simple but still dressy enough for an evening meal out. I got the inspiration for this look from a Topshop window; they had also placed a large oversized jumper on the mannequin, with my burgundy dress as a skirt. These dresses seem to be popular amongst me and my friends; you can buy them in many different colours and change them from dressy to casual. I have slicked back my hair and the only jewellery is my rings and hair piece; this emphasis the simplistic style.  

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

St Albans Fashion Week 2014

Last year I blogged and helped out with St Albans Fashion Week, which was an amazing event. Last week I was lucky enough to model for St Albans Fashion Week 2014; it was even bigger, grander and more spectacular than the year before.

This year, St Albans experienced three different catwalks and lots more interesting events. I walked for the Luxe Show which was at the Porsche centre in Hatfield and the remarkable final catwalk at St Albans Cathedral; which is the longest catwalk in Britain. Both events were extremely luxurious and the settings for the catwalks were remarkable. The Luxe Show featured a live band, and small pop-up boutiques from the designers who showcased their incredible items; I wanted to buy everything! However the Cathedral Catwalk will always blow me away. This was the only catwalk last year, therefore I knew what to expect. Nevertheless the atmosphere of walking down that catwalk in a majestic, historical building, with lights reflecting of the marble stone and glass stained windows is breath-taking.

I walked for lots of fabulous designers and retailors. For the Luxe Show I was lucky enough to walk wearing Vivienne Westwood jewellery from Kingshill Jewellery and jewellery designed for Alexander McQueen from Galio. I also wore the most eye-catching, fabulous piece from Stand Out Jewels; the jewellery really is stand-out and could make any simple, black outfit incredible.  I also walked for an online boutique called Elle Belle Attire unfortunately I did not manage to get a picture of myself in the blue jumpsuit, but I do have photos of their looks from the cathedral.

The clothes and jewellery walking up and down the Cathedral Catwalk was to die for and has given me lots of inspiration! I walked for Gladrags, which is a small boutique in St Albans, which is usually known for its brilliant mother-of-the-bride dresses. But when I walked in for my fitting, I couldn’t stop looking at the clothes on the rails. They had amazing leopard print jackets, trousers, skirts and stunning evening wear.

I was scared but thrilled that I was lucky enough to walk first for Hobbs, (no, not the hairdressers!). Hobbs is a clothing shop, which has a great range of clothes for all ages and they showed this on the catwalk. I loved my outfit because it was something I would have defiantly worn myself and the quality of the items where brilliant.

Photography by Blue Feather

The final item of clothing that I wore that week was an awe-inspiring vintage 70’s dress from Little Viking . Little Viking is one of my favourite shops in St Albans, so I was over the moon when I found out I was going to be walking for them. It is a small vintage shop with a little courtyard in the front; it is honestly the cutest shop I have ever seen. I think the reason I love Little Viking  so much is because the people who work there are great and it’s not too big, that all the vintage clothes overwhelm you.

I also enjoyed getting my hair and make up done. I adored how Clipso Hairdressers  in St Albans styled my hair, I wish I could have it like that everyday! 

Photography by Blue Feather

I had the best time last week and it was an invaluable experience. I would personally like to say thank you to Ellie and Vicky for organising a tremendous week, which showcased the incredible style in St Albans and Hertfordshire. Also, thanks to all the lovely models who made the week great fun ! Hopefully I’ll come back from Uni and be there next year; can’t wait.

French Connection 

Little Viking 


Elle Belle Attire




Photography by Fordtography 

Photography by Fordtography 

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